Propane Safety Tips You Need to Know for Your Long Island Home

New York homeowners who choose propane for their energy source stay comfortable with this fuel because of its long-standing reputation for efficiency, affordability, and safety. Propane is a reliable energy option, and you can count on it to power your heat, stove, and much, much more, but to keep your home safe from season to season, there are some critical tips about propane safety that you need to know.

Preventative Propane Safety

To have the best and safest experience with propane, follow the tips below.

  • Understand Your Tank. Familiarizing yourself with your tank is very important. You should know how to read your gas gauge and turn off your gas supply. Monitoring your gauge regularly will help you avoid the risk of running out of propane fuel, which can cause costly damage and safety hazards.
  • Educate Your Family. Make sure all members of your household understand propane safety precautions. These cautions include proper measures for storage, like keeping flammable items clear of your heating system as well as proper handling of propane cylinders like your grill tank. Never store propane cylinders inside any enclosed building. Create a family evacuation plan with clear instructions and a meeting point to keep everyone safe in the event of a leak.
  • Take Care of Your Appliances. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance from your local energy service provider for your heating system and propane-powered appliances. This will promote safe, unobstructed operation and improve fuel efficiency.

What to Do If You Smell Propane

Propane is naturally colorless, odorless, and nontoxic. While it is a safe and clean-burning fuel, propane leaks can be very hazardous to you and the safety of your family. A scent is added to help detect if a leak has occurred. If you smell propane:

  1. Extinguish any open flames. Do not turn any devices on or off. This includes light switches, phones, computers, flashlights, and appliances.
  2. Alert all inhabitants and inform them to leave the home or commercial building immediately.
  3. Do not try to find the source of the leak.
  4. Be prepared to identify your location and whether the smell is inside or outside of the building.
  5. Call your local propane provider from the closest building landline or from your cell phone away from the leak site. If you cannot get in touch with a Discount-Propane representative, call 911 or your local fire department immediately.
  6. Do not return to the building until a qualified technician says it is safe to do so.

Get in Touch with about Propane Safety

Keeping our customers safe and comfortable with this versatile and efficient fuel source is our number-one priority at Discount-Propane. Be sure to follow these tips, and always get in touch with us if you recognize any issues with your propane tank or fuel supply. If you have any additional questions about propane safety or need a delivery, contact the propane experts at Discount-Propane today!