Oil-to-Gas Conversions for Your NY Home or Business

Do you currently use oil to heat your home or business? Are you looking for a more affordable and versatile solution? If your answer is YES, we’ve got good news. When you choose propane as your heating and power source, it drastically cuts down on the multiple ways you have to source energy in your home or business. Propane can do it all, with its ability to provide reliable and comfortable heating to its efficiency in powering a variety of large and small appliances. Propane has a longstanding reputation of being one of the best home heating fuel options in the energy industry, and when you choose propane, you can’t really go wrong. This fuel is highly versatile, affordable, available, convenient, eco-friendly, and nontoxic. Keep reading to discover why an oil-to-gas conversion might be the best thing you’ll ever do for your home’s energy sourcing.

Why an Oil-to-Gas Conversion Is Right for Your Home or Business

  • You’ll Get Affordability and Cost Savings. If you’re thinking about replacing your older oil-fired furnace with a propane heating system, you could save up to 30 cents on every dollar you spend on energy sourcing. Older oil-fired furnaces have an energy rating of about 60, meaning that only 60 cents of every dollar you spend on oil is going to your heat. With propane, the efficiency is much, much higher.
  • Propane Is Highly Versatile. When you use oil, you have to source energy from different options to power heat and backup power. Propane can do it all. You can heat your home, dry your clothes, run your dishwater, and heat your water, and even heat your pool or hot tub, not to mention so much more. Oil can’t do that. Propane’s multi-use capabilities and versatility make it a number one go-to for Long Islander homeowners looking for a reliable fuel source.
  • Keeping Your Tank Is Convenient. Propane tanks are environmentally friendly and require little maintenance. They can last up to 40 years if well kept. On top of that, propane is affordable, and you can get automatic refills through Discount-Propane, helping to ensure you never run out.
  • Propane Is Eco-Friendly. Designated as a clean-burning alternative fuel source by the EPA, propane meets emission standards recommended by the agency. Propane produces far fewer emissions than oil, coal, wood, and natural gas and is very abundant and available. This fuel is also nontoxic, making it a safe and clean energy source.

Get In Touch for a Gas Conversion Quote

Propane supplies a safe, versatile, reliable, and affordable alternative to heating oil. If an oil-to-gas conversion is on your mind, get in touch with us! It could be one of the best things you ever do for your home and wallet. We’ve been providing propane services to our valued customers on Long Island for more than 35 years, and we would love to have you as a customer. Contact one of our highly trained and experienced propane professionals at Discount-Propane today to get a quote or learn more about oil-to-gas conversions.