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At Discount-Propane.com, you get the best quality fuel, the convenience of online ordering, and competitive prices throughout Long Island. 

Unlike our competitors, we show our prices up-front on our website. This is to keep the process simple so we can continue offering the highest-quality propane delivery services without any of the runaround.

And thanks to our easy online ordering system, you can order fuel, request a service appointment, view your order history, and more. No smoke or mirrors here, just up-front, dependable service you can trust.

Discount Propane--Quality Propane Without The Hassle


Discount Propane--Delivery & Refill Services

Delivery & Refill Services

When ordering online you choose the quantity, price bracket and delivery date Your delivery will be there the day you choose or before. No more guessing which day it will be or how much per gallon you are paying!!!!

Discount Propane—Service Contracts

BBQ Tank Exchange

Think of all the time, money and damage to your vehicle it takes to perform a simple task like exchanging your BBQ propane tank. We offer a BBQ propane tank exchange that not only comes to your door, but also takes the worry out of performing safety checks on your reusable BBQ propane tank. Learn more

Discount Propane--Delivery & Refill Services

Tank Lease & Rental

Don’t have your own propane tank? Check out our competitive tank lease & rental services! Learn more

Discount Propane—Maintenance Services

Safety Tips

Oil to Gas Conversion

With over 35 years of experience, our service team makes these conversions simple and easy