Commercial Propane Tank Installations for Businesses in New York

When it comes to providing your business with efficient and affordable energy on Long Island, we know you need a reliable storage solution for your propane fuel. At Discount-Propane, you can lease or purchase a propane storage tank from us for an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Our tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit any of your commercial propane needs, and all our tanks are built to the strictest ASME standards, guaranteed to last for years with proper care and maintenance that we can assist with.

Commercial LPG storage tank sizes for lease or purchase:

  • 250-gallon storage tanks
  • 500-gallon storage tanks
  • 1,000-gallon storage tanks

Aboveground and Underground Propane Tanks Available

When you choose Discount-Propane as your propane fuel service provider, you can customize your commercial propane deliveries and storage tank solutions. We have both aboveground and underground tanks available depending on your needs and preference. Both types of tanks always include exterior plumbing and indoor piping, and all of our propane system installations are compliant to all local codes and regulations in the Long Island area. Whether you need a small tank or a large tank, we can help you size the right solution for your commercial business needs. No matter what your needs are, we promise to offer you an installation that you’re satisfied with.

Complimentary Propane Storage Tank Safety Checks

Throughout 35 years of business, our priority has always been keeping you safe and providing you the fuel and services you need to keep your business operating smoothly. We are proud to offer complimentary propane storage tank safety checks and instructions on safety procedures. We never want to leave you without the know-how of managing and maintaining your tank safely. In addition to aboveground visual tank inspections, with all installations you’ll receive a complete safety inspection of your system from one of our certified, experienced, and highly trained propane technicians. Our propane professionals will provide in-person instruction on propane safety procedures, such as how to detect the odor of propane and how to properly shut off your commercial propane supply tank.

In addition, you will also receive written documentation of the service, a safety information booklet, and a detailed Safety Check Report for your system. This complete safety service is provided free of charge to all commercial Discount-Propane customers. Contact to learn more about the training and instruction we can provide to you and your employees when we install a propane storage tank for your business.

Why Work with Discount-Propane?

As a top propane delivery and service provider in Nassau and Suffolk counties, we work hard to meet your expectations, but we also promise to exceed them. Our technicians have years of service and experience in the field and are exceptional when it comes to providing the best customer service around. We stand by every job we do, and we guarantee that when you work with us, it will be done right the first time.