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Why Propane?

Propane, also known as liquified petrolium gas (LPG), is a natural biofuel that is separated from natural gas during the refining process. Propane burns much cleaner than coal or gasoline, and even burns hotter than home heating oil or diesel fuel. It’s much easier to store and transport than liquified natural gas (LNG), and if it is spilled or released presents no threat to soil, surface water, or groundwater. As a result, propane is a very efficient and effective fuel that is both easy to use as well as environmentally friendly.

Discount Propane—Why Propane

There are many different of uses for propane. Most use it as a source of heat, whether for cooking (such as on a barbeque grill) or for heating homes and commercial buildings. But propane can also used to heat water, power vehicles. dry clothes, and even run air conditioners. Farmers use propane to dry crops, brood chickens, power tractors, and warm greenhouses. An of course the energy provided by propane fuels a wide variety of commercial and industrial equipment.

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Stay Safe With These Hot Tips

Check out our Propane Safety page for tips on how to safely enjoy your propane.