Automatic Propane Delivery on Long Island

When it comes to home heating in New York, homeowners are looking for the most cost-effective and convenient option. When determining which fuel company to rely on through the winter months, they want an established company with a record of affordable and on-time deliveries. That’s where we come in. When you’re a customer of Discount-Propane, you can take advantage of services like automatic propane delivery to make a recurring task on your winter to-do list a whole lot easier, more affordable, and more reliable.

What Is Automatic Propane Delivery?

When you enroll in automatic propane delivery, you leave your fuel ordering and scheduling to us. Instead of placing orders online or by calling our office, we create a delivery schedule for each customer based on weather, home size, number of occupants, and indoor temperature preference to predict when you’ll need your next propane delivery. That means you can sit back and relax knowing that your fuel deliveries are taken care of for the heating season. This simple, automated, and almost entirely hands-off process for homeowners might seem too great to be true—but it is, and it doesn’t cost any more than ordering fuel yourself! In fact, most of our customers save on fuel costs when they sign up for automatic propane delivery.

Facts about Automatic Propane Delivery

  • Discount-Propane’s automatic propane delivery service is available for heating oil and propane customers. Regardless of your energy choice, you can trust that there’s a simple fuel ordering and delivery solution made possible by a local team you know and trust.
  • You can sign up for automatic propane delivery with us at any time. While payment and price protection programs often have enrollment deadlines, you can make the switch to automatic propane delivery during any month of the year! Enroll today.
  • You can take advantage of automatic propane delivery at absolutely no additional cost! We provide this service free because it helps us determine delivery routes. For our customers, many of them save on fuel costs with automatic propane delivery because they get more effective fill-ups. More effective fill-ups translate to more efficient fuel use and lower fuel costs for you!
  • You should still check your fuel tank level every now and then. When our team monitors your propane usage, the likelihood of a no-fuel emergency is significantly lower—but not completely impossible. Please be sure to inform our staff of any changes that might affect your household fuel usage like an increase in household size, any property alterations, or any new or additional fuel-burning home appliances. Running out of fuel can cause unnecessary risk to your home and damage to your equipment, and we never want you to have to deal with that.

Sign Up for Auto Propane Delivery Today

Enrolling in automatic propane delivery is simple! All you have to do get in touch with us by giving us a call or contacting us online. We’ll get you enrolled today, so you can take ordering fuel off your to-do list, knowing that your home propane fuel deliveries are in good hands. To learn more or to sign up today, contact the energy experts at Discount-Propane.